I’ve slowed my blogging habits.

It’s common for bloggers to have guest writers when they know that they are going to retreat from it for a period of time. I felt like I needed to simply let it rest. All of it. Including the scheduling of it.

I write because it gives me life. I write out of a deep desire to share and connect with others in a way that is symbiotic and enriching to everyone who would have interest in similar subjects. Ideas give me life, sharing them multiplies that life. However, sharing because that’s what everyone else is doing is pretty junior high of me and I need to look at why I do this again.

Here are some reasons I’ve decided it’s a good idea to keep writing.

1) Writing gives us creative space.

Sometimes, this is the only space I have that isn’t scheduled. The only deadlines are the ones I give myself. The only topics are the one’s I dream up. This is a way to express the God given image that each of us bear (as long as we are walking closely with the Spirit of God is should be revealing of God, no matter what we write about!)

2). Writing helps us leave an others-centered legacy.

Writing tells us of where we’ve been and what we’ve been about. It helps us with our priorities. When we are reflecting on the past it guides us in preparing for the future. I hope to give in ways that are sacrificial and abounding in love. If my blog doesn’t reflect this type of legacy, I need to adjust things. I’m grateful for the record–even when it exposes personal weakness–because it opens the door for us to grow further.

3) Writing causes us to be quiet.

I talk too much. Idea people do this. Called people do this. We are compelled from places of passion and compassion. These are good things. But there are times when we need silence, solitude, meditation, to be filled again for God’s service. When I sit down to write, the periphery dissolves and I can think clearly. Prayer happens easily and honesty isn’t uncomfortable anymore, it’s liberating.

4) Writing about our experiences helps others.

I remember learning the Wesleyan quadrilateral in college and seminary. It’s a methodology for theological reflection accredited to John Wesley. In this method, we can come to theological conclusions by way of examining Scripture (The Bible) , Reason (rational thinking and interpretation), Tradition (the history of the church), and Experience (a persons journey with christ, both individually and as a community.)

I have learned so much from the experience of others in ministry. The first five years in ministry were for me, a giant season of observation and application, testing and experimenting. While I still observe and still try new things. I’ve started to move into a season of sharing that helps others. It’s a wonderful season when you can give out of a healthy indebtedness, out of a grateful heart–knowing that others will be using your experiences to shape their present and newer ministry contexts.

5) Writing can be a testimony of the Holy Spirit of God at work in us and through us.

If we’re being honest, we know that anyone on the planet can start a blog. You don’t have to be smart, or good looking, or an expert at anything. Anyone can write a blog.

The difference are those writing with the miraculous power of God alive in them. Writing about the changes that happen because of this work, the miracles that result because of this Presence, the joys that are found (even in pain) due to the knowledge we gain are all things that can’t be duplicated. These are things, if shared, that can change the world around us. The sharing of these things can cast the vision and mission of God by way of example.

I’m going to keep writing for these reasons. I may not be here every day or even twice a week. But I’ll be here. Especially when the wind of God’s Spirit shifts and we we see fruit. Stay faithful. It’s your experience and mine that shows others the visible signs of the Kingdom on earth.

Keep writing.

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