In just a few short weeks I’ll have the honor of welcoming over 6,000 high school students and their leaders to NYC2011 in Louisville, Kentucky. What excites me most about this is that it was this same event that started a chain reaction in my heart for God. It was at NYC that I heard Tony Campolo, Laurie Polich, Marvin Daniels, and Gary Sivewright. Each of these speakers, through the work of the Spirit, changed the course of my life. To be a part of this for someone else is more than gratifying, it’s soul satisfying.

We’ll be talking about what it means to live in a world unbroken, a world God intended all along. If we really believe that God is redeeming us and the world, we have to respond to the call to be a part of it. God is dreaming in us all ways to remain in Him–and to use our gives to give back. If we really believe that there is a hell–both on earth by way of sin and in eternity by way of forever separation from our Creator, we also have to acknowledge that Jesus has overcome the world and conquered sin. God is making all things new, liberating lives from bondage, giving us hope, and calling us to live in response to his beautiful, unconditional, far reaching, and indescrible love.

I am so unworthy. But I am grateful that he loves me anyway and has given us this voice. It’s time for a world unbroken.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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