This may seem really random but tonight I was doing my routine at the YMCA–work out, shower, go home. But tonight, as I was in the second stage of my routine this lady started talking to me one shower stall over. She was really nice and started out with comments about how she should work out more often so she wouldn’t get so sore. Then she started asking questions about if I swim (no) or if I think the place has been busy lately. She had been talking for a good five minutes with a few minor assertions from me when I started thinking about how odd it is that women can talk to each other in such a way, without knowing a thing about each other–not even being able to see each other. My shower ended and I went into the locker room to dry my hair. That’s when I met Jill, the friend on the other side of the shower wall. She was really nice and asked me where in Ohio I grew up (She knew this because “Ohio” was one of my reasons for not knowing how to swim properly). I said Columbus because no one seems to know where Newark Ohio is. She said “oh, I’m from Newark Ohio”. What?! The place was closing in five minutes but our time left together was full of throwbacks to a hometown that seemed very distant to me until tonight. All this to say, you never know who is going to strike up a conversation (and where!). You may just run into an old friend, cousin, or someone who knew your grandma once.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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