Last Friday I made a commitment.

But not just any old commitment, this one is going to cost me something. I was doing a prayer walk of sorts with some teenagers at the mall and God asked me to consider some things. So I considered them– then I did something I would consider going overboard–I responded to God with and “OK I’ll do that–but sort of flippantly tacked on “FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR” to the deal.

It’s not altogether clear why I would feel compelled to make such a long commitment to do something that is difficult for me (even for a day) for an entire year. So, the pride in me begged me not to tell anyone. Of course I listened. I sort of felt like maybe the desire to do this “thing” would go away and I wouldn’t have to recant the vow to anyone that I may have shared with. But it didn’t go away. In fact, people who knew nothing of the “thing” affirmed it day after day. Even our pastor mentioned my “thing” this morning as he humbly shared from the Bible. I’ve finally told one person about the journey I feel God is setting me on (because I know myself all too well) but I still don’t feel comfortable sharing what “it” is exactly.

I’ll do my best to write about the journey in the days ahead and maybe sometime between now and about 51 weeks from now I might have something worthwhile to say about “it”.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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