There is a calendar. We look at it often. Yet coming up with a fun upfront Easter game is something I waited until today, the week of Easter to do. I plan our teaching calendar months in advance. Sometimes I wish I planned out our games months in advance.
But there’s always something else (let’s say…relationships) that bump the game planning out of the day spot and into night time dreaming.

I woke up thinking. It’s the Wednesday before Easter. What shall we play?

I like games that are laughable but not humiliating, simple as to be inclusive, and cheap–to save money for more important things, like ice cream and boneless wings.

Here’s what I came up with, just in case you woke up wondering the same thing.

Eggstra Rad Bunny Rush (that’s fancy for relay race)

Get a a couple of poster boards for two teams. Cut out giant Easter eggs from each poster sheet.
Give each team to giant eggs.
The teams start on the same side of the room and one at a time, each player bunny hops from eggs as one is placed in front of the other all the way across the room. Players, once they’ve reached the other side can return the eggs to the next person in line (but they really should hop instead of run, right!?)
The first team with everyone on the other side of the room wins.

The winning team gets the good things that can be found in an EASTER BASKET (packs of gum, giant chocolate bunnies, etc)
The losing team gets lame things that can be found in an EASTER BASKET (Tums, a nightlight…just use whatever you have laying around)

**If you’ve got them on hand, or have a local dollar store, you could pick up some bunny ears to make the iPhone pics even better.

Hope this saves you some time today or this weekend.

By the way, there is a similar game found on the UK’s youth group games website–a great resource to consider!

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