Youth leaders have special places where they keep encouragement that comes from teenagers and parents. It used to be a shoebox collection but in recent years has turned into an inbox collection. So, now I have an inbox to keep the special emails. They become the evidence that what we are striving for is working and that the Kingdom of God is a little more at hand because of what Christ is doing in us and through us.

I got an email today that reminded me of this and wanted to share it with you, my friends in ministry. Don’t give up. What you do matters. It’s working. You are making an indelible difference the in the lives of the teenagers and families you reach.

And sometimes…many times…the teenagers we reach in turn reach their own families. I’m living proof of that.

A note from Anne-Marie (a mom of two middle school students):

Words can’t express the feeling I have when she talks about it and the idea of her going through with it puts me in tears. She is so IN LOVE with God and I owe SO much of it to you and your program. I think it’s amazing the way your team is able to connect with the kids and make it ‘cool’ to be a Christian! My daughter is my inspiration. I want to love as freely and innocently as she does. I want to look for the good and help people the way her heart guides her to. She’s absolutely amazing!

Wow. Thank you Anne-Marie for the reminder and I know God is going to give you the love you are looking for.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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