Last night was a reminiscent one for me. I was thinking of the many youth group Christmases past–the parties, the gifts, the cards of encouragement and support, the meals, and times with friends. In those memories, there was one thing that has never changed; the awesome resilience of teenagers hearts, their belief in God and in each other. No matter how many mistakes I make, no matter how many times their leadership fails them, no matter how far I’ve traveled from relational ministry to program land (not that programs are are bad, but I’m great at getting caught up in them), no matter what, teenagers find a way to seek God and find grace as they share Christmas together. This is their gift to me as we get to watch them grow and discover God and God’s purposes.

When people tell me that I’m gifted in ministry, they are absolutely right, I am gifted…with teenagers who give gifts they cannot see.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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