Erika and Ryan at camp.
One of our favorite places: Bounce.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Typhoon Lagoon–a Disney water park (in my world, it’s the Goon Docks, because that’s just one of the coolest places on 1985’s planet earth).

The reason: because sometimes, beach days just aren’t enough.

When I plan hang out times for our youth ministry, the split between guys and girls usually tips toward having more girls. If we have 30 girls sign up, we’ll have 15 guys. It’s been this way since I started in ministry. I don’t know if this is because I’m female and always have been.

Or, if this is just normal youth ministry culture.
I think it’s just normal.

But. There are times, when the percentage shifts and the guys outnumber the girls.
It happens when I plan stuff that involves adventure.

It’s the lock-in.
It’s the go-carts.
It’s the games with high *vom factors.

Guys crave it.
They need it.
And when we advertise a burly day at Typhoon Lagoon, guess who represents?!
The boys are outnumbering the girls tomorrow because simulated waves are awesome.
They sign up because you can swim with sharks.
They like water slide wedgies?

But seriously, if we’re going to serve guys and girls in our ministry contexts. We’ve got to find relational time when they are enjoying the environment, happy to be together, and open to conversation.

Water parks help.
Go-carts deliver.
Turkey legs for lunch may just lead to a great conversation about life and grace.

How do you minister to the opposite gender in your youth ministry?
I’d love to know.

*vom factor =  a game or adventure’s vomit factor is subjective based on the type of youth group you run and how gross and fearless the leader is

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