In this space, there once was a blog post titled “The Great Exchange”. I spent two hours tonight writing it. My friend Manhattan- –my loyal and still non-Spanish speaking friend, convinced me it would be ok “just for this one time” to write in Word Press. Except she forgot about the really not awesome wifi connection I was working with. And she also forgot how little time it takes to copy and paste from a solid word document. Why is she so stubborn?

I mourn the vapor of the post because you already know what happened. When I clicked the publish button. I lost connection. And also 600 of the 885 words I had just written.

It was a beautiful and challenging post on exchanging youth group game ideas from around the world and also exchanging prayer with each other.

I grew another layer of me last night in prayer. I long to tell you about it how it did that and offer it to you as well.

But I also need to save a layer of me by going to sleep right now. So you understand? I’ll write about the beautiful space where I grew safe and empowered. But if there’s a lesson to learn and I can write it in the next 30 seconds before I climb into my bunk bed it’s this.

Don’t trust an internet connection with your words. You are completely insane if you do.



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