I’m sitting in a dark hotel room, it’s 6AM and I can’t sleep. Not because teenagers are running through the halls (they actually are and my youth ministry ears consider it white noise), not because I’m nervous (excited may be a better word), not because I’m jet lagged (surprisingly), but because today we get to announce that our movement is official.

Tonight at a giant party, I get to speak at Nazarene Youth Conference 2015 during a regional event and announce that IT IS official. Keep your eyes on the Twitter feed tonight at 7:30PM EST. I’ll be ‘scopin’ and tweeting the announcement. @thejustmove @brooklynlindsey #NYC15LOU

Welcome to the move, the just move. Ah, I can barely type it. Insert: Tears. Laughs. Tears. Elation. Laughs. Tears.

I’m stoked to get to share a site that gives handles to movement that’s already been born in the hearts of teenagers around the world. They’re already changing the world. We’re just making it more personal by strategically linking up with them as the Church, as partners.
The goal is to give youth leaders, parents, and students tools and information to be able to launch into a deeper knowledge of compassion and justice. If you’re a parent or a ministry leader you will be able to help kids continue to develop their birthright (compassionate living) in a place where they are uniquely positioned to work for justice best—the Church body.
The prayer is that the Justice Movement provides ways for youth, families, groups, and congregations to be involved TOGETHER. It’s unique focus will yield globally accessible educational materials, event packages, and hands-on challenges. Each will be customizable for your context. Every resource is free for you to access and use. (This makes my low budget youth minister heart so happy.)


Annnnnd, it’s available in FIVE languages. English, French, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish (be still my heart, dreams come true, I can’t believe that I get to type that.)
I have a lot of work to do this week but before all of that happens, I want to introduce you to our first DO JUSTICE (DJ) weekend events. The first event is JUST WATER WEEKEND.
(cue the DJ and fireworks)
It’s a weekend where we become advocates. It’s a weekend where we change things. It’s a movement that can build bridges and break cycles. We would love for you to check it out.
God loves justice. That’s why God asks us to participate.That’s why we do justice. That’s why we celebrate new freedoms.That’s why God asked me to do this very thing at NYC 1994. I had no idea what it looked like or where it would take me but this is it. God made me the way I am to be more like the way Jesus is. I am so full of thanks for the chance to do something. I am so excited to see everyone else’s “do somethings”. It’s going to be amazing.

Will you join us? You will change the world as you make moves of your own. For our parents and leaders, a better question may be this one, how will the next generation change the world because you unleashed their passion to do it?

Website: www.justicemovement.com
Twitter/ Instagram/ Facebook: @thejustmove
We want to see justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream (Amos 5:24, NRSV).

P.S. I’ll also be launching my own fundraiser because I can’t ask people to do stuff I’m not willing to do. I want to raise $1 for every person who signs up for the movement at NYC (about 7,000). It’s a big goal but I’m convinced anything is possible. Click here to join my personal campaign. Holla! Let justice roll.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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