Today’s post, an article I wrote for Holiness Today, about the other 119 hours…

We need to recruit and train our church body to be a “spiritual family.”

When my family was struggling during my early teen years, I needed a spiritual family to help me. It’s not something I asked for when I walked in the church doors. “Hi, my name is Brooklyn, and I’m pretty sure I need a spiritual family—where can I sign up for one?” No teenager is ever going to do that. But it’s what I needed.

I needed mentors to begin conversations with me, ask me questions, and walk with me through life stuff. This type of family existed at church and it’s a big reason why I spend my life in the church today. We have the power to change how teenagers (future adults) respond to Jesus for the rest of their lives…

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*Photo courtesy of Melinda Cummins

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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