I just finished reading The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau. One of my students brought me the sequel yesterday to borrow. I get excited about small things (like borrowing books from teenagers). It’s been a good reading month for me and I feel closer to my students as I journey with them through the stuff they read. All of the reading has really led to fun thoughts and some different curriculum ideas that I’m going to create for our fall middle school program.

If you’re a youth worker/ pastor/ volunteer I can’t emphasize enough the power of reading. The Bible is a good start, then make room for teen reads…add in some awesome leadership books and you’ll be good to go.

Here’s a quick summer list:
The Twilight Series – Meyer
The City of Ember – DuPrau
The Clique Novels– Harrison
Invert Books (MYFRIENDS by Johnston and Oestreicher is awesome.)
Confessions of a Pastor– Groeschel
Deep Ministry in a Shallow World – Powell
Soul Searching – Smith

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