We all feel inadequate at times. My day was today. I was putting together a message for a college chapel and two others for an event in Boston (Festival of Life). I couldn’t get past these feelings of defeat today, like I had nothing really great to offer…I was feeling tapped. That’s when I got a facebook notification that I had received a message from a student– one that I met at a Group Workcamp about six years ago. She had read my book and wanted to share with my how my life had impacted hers many years ago and she found herself encouraged to enter into youth ministry because of me. The timing was so good. I hope she knows the indelible mark she has left on my heart. That’s what encouragement does, it lifts us up and gives us strength to keep going. Thanks Stephanie. You rock. I’m going to encourage someone today like you’ve encouraged me.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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