The trust fall has been around as a trust building group game for while. I’m guessing the people of Israel did this with Moses before they stepped into the parted sea?

When I learned how to do a trust fall in college it was advised to communicate to the spotters that the person would be falling. They affirm that yes, it’s time to “fall on” and the faller feels safe in their arms as they fall back without trying to catch themselves. (Side note: Where I attended university, they taught ministry students proper trust fall technique…and how to effectively use a finger rocket. Knowledge worth retaining.)
In 2010, Tosh.O. introduced the world to “surprise trust falls” in which a someone approaches a random person in public and says “trust fall” as they start to fall to see if the person will catch them. This is super fun if you’re up for laying on the ground…a lot.
Now, we have a brilliant 8th grader trying this at a youth event. Yet another reason by working with teenagers is the best job anyone could have.
I hope by watching this you experience some of the joy that is involved in knowing teenagers. They are wonderfully ridiculous and brilliant and brave.
I’m praying that if someone ever trust fall bombs our youth group, we’ll be waiting with open arms.
Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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