A difficult obstacle to overcome in day to day ministry is to finish things that we start. Ideas fly like nobody’s business around here. Sometimes those ideas get started. Most of the time, the ones that get started die on the operating table (when louder things take precedence). But what happens when you dedicate time to finishing?


I’ve heard it said that the secret of our successes in ministry can be found in our daily plan or agenda. Do we make time in our day for our priorities, passions, and relationships?

What are you working on that needs to be finished? What keeps you in stall mode? Sometimes, all you need is a good reminder to….finish what you’ve started.

Brett Blondell, our friend and partner in ministry finished something he started working on this week. A really great worship song came out of his time spent locked in his office, just him and his guitar. So, enjoy this weeks’ guest, his new song “The Hope”, then get off the couch and finish something.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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