Volunteer leaders give us extra heads, hearts, and hands to do ministry.

They have an arsenal of abilities and passions that compliment everything that’s done. I was reminded of this at camp this week. I lost my voice (sort of an important thing to have at youth camp) and my leaders became my voice. The cool part; I didn’t have to tell them much, they already knew…because we’ve spent countless hours together. I can honestly say, I LOVE THEM.

I hope you love and care for those who support you in ministry, even if their ideas don’t always match up with yours. It’s biblical to admonish and encourage each other in this way. A cord of three strands is pretty stinking hard to break.

If you’d rather hear this straight from my strained voice, day-after-camp face, here you go.

Now get to it, love and use those leaders.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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