I’ve been working with this awesome person–Erin. She’s our intern for the summer. She was born in the 90’s and I’m so happy she knows one of my favorite songs…

Please listen to it while preparing for youth group this week. You will be a better youth pastor for it. I’m serious. This. Is. How. We. Do. It.

Today, we came up with a little event for Wednesday night that we thought would be fun for students to kick off the summer. (And by “we” I really mean mostly Erin who was prompted by my husband Coy’s imagination so really I had little to do with the whole thing.) We really wanted to laugh a lot and combine something kids are doing already.

And we wanted to share it with you, for free.  Because everyone likes free.

#doitforthevine CHALLENGE 

#doitforthevine MINI MESSAGE

Wednesday. Done.

(P.S. We are going to ask each of our leaders to bring 1 Watermelon each to cut down on costs and we’ll also get some paint mess ups from the home store for cheap for outside use.)



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