It was my turn to preach this Mother’s Day.

I was having a hard time deciding what to preach. As a result, I called my friends in preacher panic. Preach panic is sort of like writer’s block, but worse because you have to say waht you’ve written (or not writtten) out loud in front of people. Things seem to be better when I call my friends for help.

In a matter of seconds, April had emailed a message she had already written. Part of this message included a study on the Hebrew word that describes God as compassion. The word is RACHAM (rahk’am), translated “womb-like”. The word grabbed my attention and caused me think of Rachel, who died unexpectedly one week before Mother’s Day.

Rachel Held Evans (lovingly known as RHE) was a Christian author, a poet with a pen, who helped me through many of my fears and questions. She was also a wife, mother, and friend.

In the days that followed her death, I thought about the words that helped me remeber that I wasn’t alone. I wondered about this phrase “womb-like” that seems to be synonymous with her maiden name, held.

This is my feeble attempt to write a message around the phrase “womb-like”. I hope it will invite others to remember that they are held too.

I didn’t know Rachel like her family and closest friends did. I am sure there will never be a day when she isn’t on their minds. Maybe it will be a comfort to know that the time Rachel spent writing words wasn’t wasted on us, her readers.  It’s with my deepest condolences, scincerity, and gratitidue that I try to thank her again.

We are held.





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