I’ve been wanting to start a blog for awhile. I sort of already have through the infamous route of myspace. Lately, I’ve been a little turned off by it. Especially when my account gets hacked and numerous questionable and highly inappropriate bulletins get sent out to hundreds of my friends…so, I’m giving this a shot.

Why B? Well, it stands for Brooklyn (my name) but also for a bunch of other things that I’d like to dialog about:

  • Blogs: they’re fascinating, like those choose your own adventure books from the 6th grade.

  • Books: i can never have enough time to read, currently reading Here’s to Hindsight (Cobble)
  • Babies: we have one.
  • Blisters: from a 3 mile walk around the lake in a new pair of very rubbery Crocs.
  • Babble: i tend to do this.
  • Blank Checks: wish I had a few.

And many other b and not-so-b topics… We’ll see where this thing takes us. Cheers!

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