I am praying for our ministry team and the teams that serve around the world in youth ministry. If you can’t tell, I’m excited about our night together getting to know and walking with teenagers. Will you pray with me?
Pray for our parking lots, traffic flow, and the people who see our church from the steering wheel.
Pray for the kids on the curb.
Pray for the leaders who connect relationally.
Pray for gratefulness and humility to make a home in our hearts.
Pray for the Holy Spirit to be able to work freely.
Pray for our hearts to be open to receive forgiveness.
Pray our words would have impact and be seasoned with compassion.
Pray for our teenagers as they think about their friends who don’t know of Jesus and his love.
Pray for our high school ministry and our transitions from room to room.
Pray for our middle schoolers who aren’t feeling noticed or valued yet.
Pray for our parents who we support as we help to guide their children in their faith.
Pray for our attitudes, for our minds to be open to loving beyond our capabilities and strength.
Pray for us to respond to needs.
Pray for there to be more fun than we can remember having.
Pray for memories to be made.
Pray for the Word of God to rule in our hearts.
Pray for an ability to help hurting kids.
Pray for a passion to ignite catalytic teenagers with an ability to outserve us.
Pray for us to see what we weren’t able to see before.
Pray for our lives to be blessed as we partner in ministry.
Pray that we don’t give up before we get started.
Thanking God for each of you. It’s go time!
Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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