Wow. This boy…

…and his sister.

Tonight while I was catching up on some blog reading I came across a photographer who is gaining some notoriety around the blogosphere. He’s named his camera Betsy (absolutely lovely, especially since my darling sister is called by that name) From what I’ve read,  Fiddle Oak (his real name is Zev) is from Massachusetts.  His creations, are in my opinion, a window into the world of adolescent development, they are wild and whimsical miniature photo-manipulations for his growing online audience. (Zev you just gained another follower.)

The shooting and editing is done by Zev and are, in the conceptual phase, in collaboration with his 18-year-old sister Nellie(boom! she’s fantastic too.) He is also the subject of a lot of his work.

I wish I could thank him.
Maybe I will.

Thanks Zev, for being you.
For not letting limits lead you.
I have no idea if you know that God loves you and created you for a unique purpose.
But He did. And he’ll change the world through the lens that you see through, if you’ll let Him.
I wish I could hire you today. You’d lead our dream team, and help us reach your own generation for Jesus.

A question for all of us:

I wonder what our youth ministries…..event themes, curriculum planning, teaching outlines, class rooms, community events, homes, family vacations, outreaches, service to others…..I wonder what they could look like if we turned some of the dreaming over to our 8th graders?

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