So, a few of us female youth workers were watching a movie together in a hotel room tonight when a lamp just randomly turned on (by itself). No one really said much but it was totally creepy. It wasn’t until we went back to our respective rooms that my roommate, Corrie, revisited the subject. “So, what was up with the lamp?” I was relieved that someone else was a little spooked along with me. We are staying at the McDonald’s world headquarters Hyatt. Who knows, maybe it was the spirit of the Hamburglar or something.

On another note, Heather Flies is the coolest. She painted my nails O.P.I. “Fanatic Fuschia” and they look fabulous. We also watched a really sad chic movie, “P.S. I love you.” However, it made me want to pack up and leave Chicago early to go home to my amazing husband and daughter in Florida.

So that was our night, here’s a bit about what I felt was a very productive day.

During our meeting time with Christian Smith, we learned a plethora of useful statistics and findings concerning the religious and spiritual lives of today’s American teenagers. I’m pretty sure we found ourselves asking more questions than finding answers, but I feel like we’re in a really great position to make some solid observations about junior high youth ministry this weekend (which will definitely inform our why and how we do things in the future). I’m super grateful and blessed to be a part of the conversation.

Palm Trees - Brooklyn Lindsey - Lakeland, FL - Speaking

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